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Dream child

Okay, there are the unbelievable messes on an almost daily basis. Unexplainable outbursts here and there. And the occasional horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. But all in all, we’ve got a funny, happy, creative kid in Jack. The kind of kid that gets a sloppy smooch and a monster of a hug after a viewing of Supernanny. Sometimes, I feel like we’re doing some things right.

Before Jack came along we decided to create a family bed, so he’s slept with us since the day he was born. About a month ago, however–with a new baby soon to be vying for his own spot in the family bed–we figured we’d try to move Jack to his own big-boy bed to save some squishing. During the first week, he came back into the family bed twice. Since then, he’s slept all night in his own bed. Isn’t it great when you expect the worst and then experience the best?

The view from the head of Jack’s new bed.

What we didn’t know is that the whole experience would get even better over the coming weeks. Cut to our new nightly conversation . . .

Jack: "I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed."

The Parents: "Jack, it’s too early for bed. Stay up for a bit, come snuggle on the couch. You want a cookie or something?"

"No. Good night."

Jack hops on the potty, turns on the bathroom nightlight, and retires to his bedroom after turning on his star lights at the foot of his bed, above. Shortly thereafter, a loud, demanding voice rings out to The Parents from said bedroom:

Jack: "Somebody tuck me in!"

The Parents: "Jacky, it’s really too early for bed. Come in the living room, stay up a little longer."


"Okay, OKAY! Coming."

After a proper tuck in, The Parents convene in the living room.

Parent #1: "Did you hear him begging to go to bed? How did we DO that?"

Parent #2: "I have no idea."

Parent #1: "We are the envy of all the parents of the world. Let us sit on our couch, watch a rerun of Dexter, and allow our chests to swell with pride over our boy."

Parent #2: "Yes. Let’s."

No "time for bed!" fights. No "I need a drink of water I need another story I need a song I need I need I need . . ." You know, the kind of stuff you hear about that could easily take up the last waking moments (or more) of your day.

Bedtime bliss. I know, I know–while it lasts. But bedtime bliss nonetheless.

I’m sure the restful nights will soon end with little Tie-Dye on the way ANY. DAY. NOW. (I’m now nine months and three days pregnant. I am done counting.) But with this post, I have documented that this sleep pattern DID exist. When we are deep in the throes of sleepless nights with two young boys, I hope I remember to read this post as a reminder. To help me believe this scenario could repeat itself someday.

Just a dream, perhaps . . . but I’m not letting this dream die. It could happen again. Couldn’t it?

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