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The nine-month birthday bash


This may be the last birthday cake I buy. Until it’s someone’s birthday, anyway.

Everyone’s heard about pregnancy cravings for pickles and ice cream. Now, 38 weeks into baby growing, I wish I had longed for those two items along the way. Compared to eating a store-bought birthday cake a week (give or take), the pickles/ice cream calorie count is similar to consuming seaweed.

But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Eating a store-bought birthday cake a week (give or take). The boys have helped a little. But not much.

I start each fresh, new birthday cake by carefully cutting a medium-sized slice, putting it on a plate like civilized people do, and eating it. By the time half the cake is gone I’ve succumbed to the eating habits of an animal on the African plains. Just leave the thing dead on that slab of golden cardboard and let me have at it. (In my defense, however, I do use a fork. Every time.)

My pregnancy with Jack was no different. I did the same thing–downed about one birthday cake a week. Back then, at a La Leche League meeting, I admitted to having an insatiable craving for store-bought birthday cakes. The meeting leader said the craving was probably my body and my baby telling me I needed more fat in my diet. I felt so validated. Then she gently reminded everyone that there were lots of fats out there to choose from that were much, MUCH better for you.

Hmm. Hadn’t thought about that. But the "fat" from an avacado just doesn’t cut it when your tummy is telling you to feast on frosting. Pink! Yellow! Purple! Blue! Orange! Frosting!

I’m ashamed to admit how many times I’ve tried to grab a birthday cake from the store bakery on the sly, only to have a bakery employee catch me and ask, "Do you need me to write something on that?" Each time I’ve said, "No, thank you. It’s just for me." But don’t think for one minute I haven’t considered dreaming up an extra-long first name just to get a bit more frosting out of the deal. (Jack’s latest made-up superhero name, "Elektrasenity," comes to mind. Happy Birthday, Elektrasenity!)

Brett bought the last birthday cake, above. He even called me from the grocery store to explain what kind of frostings were available so he didn’t bring home the wrong thing. Even though he’s seen the beach balls that now make up my behind, he bought me a birthday cake. I feel so loved.

So soon, very soon, I will say goodbye to birthday cakes. GOODBYE. When our family of four begins its first day together, I will break free from your sticky, sugary hold on me. I WILL.

How will I do it, you ask? I’m sure it will be easy, as long as I keep this in mind: between family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and celebrities, there’s always another birthday just around the corner.

A special note: Thanks to those who entered this little contest to win a free copy of The Little Box of Baby Quilts! The winner is Denise from Warminster, Pennsylvania. Thank you, Denise, for your kind comment–hope you enjoy the patterns!

6 thoughts on “The nine-month birthday bash”

  1. hi, craving birthday cake may signal that your body needs good fats.. so stock up on olive oil, flaxseed oil, cod liver oil,eggs and butter..rather than the hydrogenated stuff they use in commercial cakes, try homemade cakes with real buttercream icing..your baby will need those fats for growth.


  2. Hey cousin! Congrats on the baby. I read your blog all the time, but this is the first time I’ve commented. Man, I remember when Doris was pregnant. She was so big and every time she walked around, I told her I felt like I was at a football game with the Goodyear Blimp floating around. She hit me. *sob* 😉 Miss you. We should all get together soon!


  3. Yep, you tell yourself that you’ll give up the cake…… I know you better than that!
    For you cake is part of your balanced diet. There’s nothing wrong with that. Cake is sweet baby making dietary fat. Dig in!
    Willa was basted in McDonald’s Egg, Bacon and Cheese biscuits and orange juice. Sounds healthier than birthday cake, but at 450 calories and 25 grams of fat, it wasn’t much healthier. But it tasted soooo goood. I haven’t had another one in the past 10 months.
    I can’t wait to meet Tye Dye. Come soon baby boy!


  4. What’s wrong with a birthday cake craving? I feel the same way, and have been know to buy a birthday cake (when no one is around), and I’ve never been pregnant!!! There’s nothing better than lots of birthday cake with lots of frosting!! Hang in there, Tie-Dye is almost here.


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