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Details, details . . . and a contest to boot

I think it’s time to offer another contest to win a copy of my book (but actually, it’s a box), The Little Box of Baby Quilts. You might recall my first giveaway post here. Today’s little contest is much the same–superhero style. I say, why not keep up the theme? It’s obviously a daily topic at our house.

Jack’s latest creative endeavors involve conjuring up his own superheroes. He calls them "different superheroes." He gives them "different" names like Conky and Chawa and Booly. I don’t recall what name he ended up giving this creation, but he asked me to take a photo of his first costume draft:

A "different" superhero for sure, but it wasn’t quite right . . .

Jack looked at the photo I took on the digital-camera screen, and then quietly disappeared into his bedroom. He returned with two slight modifications to his costume:

Aaah, yes–see the confident swagger now? The latest superhero look is complete!

So, the contest questions are:

1) What superhero accessory did Jack add?
2) What superhero accessory did Jack change?

Leave your answers in a comment by Sunday, March 16. I’ll print them out and Jack can choose a random winner from the entries received. If Jack chooses your comment, I’ll send you a signed copy of the "little box" as a thank you. (If you like, I can even slip in a drawing and a note from Jack. But be warned–they will likely be superhero, not quilt, related.)

If you’d like to see some of my quilt designs from the "little box," you can view several in this photo gallery. Happy superhero searching and baby quilting, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Details, details . . . and a contest to boot”

  1. What kind of hat is that he added? And he changed his gloves. Strange how he came up with the changes/additions. Did you ask WHY he made the changes he did? That would be interesting to hear. Love your blog – I check in often just to see what you are up to and so enjoy seeing what you have to say.


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