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A quilt for the playroom

I’m s-l-o-w-l-y transforming a room in our home into a playroom. The room started out as our bedroom. Then it became a family room. Then it morphed into a room that held all the furniture we didn’t need anywhere else in the house. I think this room has finally found a lasting purpose, at least until little ones become big ones and don’t need a playroom anymore. (But with my husband as a gauge, I wonder–do boys ever stop needing a playroom?)

Wood ABCs paired with the quilt "Silly Stripes and Doodle Dots,"
from The Little Box of Baby Quilts.

The above photo shows one of the quilts I designed for my "little box." Bright colors, raw edges, striped and dotted fabrics. Start with three sizes of squares; then sew, cut, and sew again. As I was making the quilt, I remember feeling like it came together too easily. "That’s it?" I thought when I completed it. "Yep, that’s it–and I really, really like it!" Whew. Sometimes in quiltmaking, you get a lucky break.

If I ever need to whip up a baby quilt in a hurry, this is the pattern I’ll choose. Of course, after making 20 baby quilts for the "little box," I have a stash that could last me through many years of baby showers. But when you hear about a little boy or girl on the way, sometimes it just seems fitting to start from scratch, doesn’t it?

That gets me thinking . . . what kind of fabric stash should I start building to make a one-of-a-kind quilt for Tie-Dye, our baby on the way? Hmm. No brainer, I guess. I see a baby-sized hippie quilt on the horizon.

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