ALERT: Jackspeak

In a sudden superhero frenzy, Jack begins brainstorming new characters at breakneck speed on our drive home from Bed Bath and Beyond. Perhaps I should license some of his ideas?

Jack: "Mom, do you know Waterman? Waterman has water powers."

Me: "Hmm. Sounds interesting."

"And Ratman has rat powers."

"Ah, yes."

"And Frostingman has frosting powers."

"I think he’d be my favorite superhero of all."

"And Signman has sign powers. And Windowman has window powers. And Snowman has snow powers!"

"I think I’ve heard of that last one."

"And Whiteman has white powers. And Blackman has black powers." (Need to have a talk about the alternate meanings of these two sometime soon…)


Driving into the garage, Jack leaves me hanging…

"And Skiman has ski powers. And Wallman has wall powers. And I’ll tell you about more superheroes when we get in the house."

"Can’t wait."

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