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Counting Christmas memories

The holiday hustle and bustle has subsided; Christmas is complete. One of my favorite parts of Christmas day is returning home in the afternoon after visiting nearby family, snuggling up on the couch with my husband, and silently recalling the days leading up to and including Christmas. The amusing moments, the fun moments, the surprising moments. The moments that quietly settle into my mind and become my own Christmas memories to keep, like these:

Jack waking up on Christmas morning to find Santa’s gifts, unwrapped, in front of the fireplace. His response to his new loot? "Oh my CRAP!"

Grandma Sophie’s visit (my mom) with her own Buzz Lightyear in tow. She "buzzed" around the living room with Jack for HOURS. She has the endurance of, well, a Grandma.

The three J’s–a visit from my brother Jason, his wife Jen, and their daughter, Janessa. Jason brought his Karaoke Revolution X-Box game. I sang "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder and earned a perfect score. Jason said I was so good I gave him the shivers. (Only for a second, though.) That means I am the best mediocre singer he’s ever heard. I’m feeling right proud about that.

Making Christmas cookies for our neighbors. The M & M bars have already had an encore baking at our house. Jack was essential to the baking process this year. I measured, he poured and taste-tested. Then taste-tested some more.

The solitary handmade gift this year. This is the ONE photo I took on Christmas morning–the unveiling of Jack’s table tent. Velcro peepholes and painted suns, moons, and stars still to come . . .

Christmas morning–visiting with Brett’s side of the family at his brother’s house. His brother and wife made an incredible vegetarian breakfast for all of us. I ate for 45 minutes straight. My over-the-top eating was immediately followed by an impromptu nap on the couch. Heaven.

Replaying the days to solidify the memories. After gifts are wrapped and unwrapped, after meals are prepared and devoured, after guests are invited and enjoyed–after it’s all said and done, aren’t the memories we’re left with what matters most to us?

Here’s wishing your holiday memories were good and plenty. Wishing you many more where that came from in 2008.

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