An early Christmas gift

Whoa. Look who we saw yesterday:


A nose, a mouth, a face, a FOOT (I even count five toes . . . you do too, right?). That’s Tie-Dye–our little one on the way. Yesterday we had a doctor’s visit for what they call a "targeted ultrasound." They check everything from fingers and toes to the four chambers of the heart. For most of the visit we watched Tie-Dye on the screen through two-dimensional images. But then the technician changed to the four-dimensional version of the exam. And there he was.

Well. Be still all four chambers of my heart.

Jack came with us and kept the technician entertained by telling her a story about how his shoes were on fire. ("And Mommy, you took my shoes off," he said. Thank goodness.) The technician complimented him on his nicely articulated and highly animated storytelling skills. She thought he was four years old. Even with a shoes-on-fire kind of story, it makes a mama proud.

Now, Tie-Dye, I must tell you–yesterday on the drive home from the doctor, Daddy and I decided that the name we’ve been kicking around for you fits you just right. But we’ll keep your brother’s nickname for you in play until you decide you’re ready to meet us. Actually, I’m guessing we’ll keep the nickname in play long after that, too.

I wish I was one of those mamas who glow and beam and are content and carefree when pregnant. We’ve been through three miscarriages. I’m not that kind of mom. But the technician said all is well. The doctor says all is well. My body says all is well. I need to believe all is well.

T.D., you are a beauty. Today, all is well.

2 thoughts on “An early Christmas gift”

  1. Charlie is simply beautiful! I am so happy for the three of you! I can’t wait to meet him!
    Bless your four-chambered-heart Tye Dye!
    Your Aunt Nini


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