I’m not working on a quilt right now. I feel all itchy about it. I have ideas, sketches, fabrics, and supplies. But between the holidays, organizing a new playroom, taking care of the day-to-day, and growing a baby, I can’t seem to get going. Feels kinda empty, really.

To say I have nothing I could be working on isn’t quite true, though. There are plenty of UFO’s sitting in my closet, patiently holding their hands up, trying to catch my attention. Here are a few on deck:

I love these wacky, wonky blocks. They are from a block exchange, which I think took place at least five years ago. Sigh.

Not a cut made, not a stitch sewn on this "quilt." Just thrifted sheets, fuzzy fabric, and an idea.

Started this design last year–a kind of puzzle block using solid bright colors.

Another quilt in the making using solid brights. I really think this one has potential. Getting the fabric to mimic what I see in my head–that’s the dilemma.

I can feel it; these girls are growing a bit impatient. I think their arms are tired. They’re starting to make annoying noises as they raise their hands. You know, like Horshack in Mr. Kotter’s classroom. Aww. They’re like my little sweathogs! Somehow, I find that endearing.

Well girls, let’s focus on wishing each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year first. Perhaps you can graduate and get your "bona-fide quilt" diploma in 2008.

(Oops, I just mistyped the year above and came up with "2080." That may be more appropriate.)

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