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Santa hats

Last week I searched and searched online for a Santa-hat pattern to make with fabric. Couldn’t even find ONE. I found loads of patterns for knitted hats but with three weeks until Christmas and three hats to make, knitting wasn’t an option. I’ve been a beginning knitter since I learned how about six years ago. I’m not sure I’ll ever graduate to the next level.

Through a bit of trial and error, I came up with a simple design of my own that seemed to work. A doubled band of white; two triangles of red; and two white circles, sewn, turned inside out, and stuffed. Not bad for knowing next to nothing about sewing stuff to wear!

The first hat I made was for Jack. OOPS. It turned out waaay too small. So guess what? His adorable, squeezable, lovable cousin Willa got a Santa hat, too:


That’s Willa’s mom–my sister–snuggling up with the little ones.

My sister and her husband came over to our house with Willa so we could take turns snapping holiday photos. Our time in front of the camera was spent saying, "Hands down please, hands down!" to Jack. He just wanted to whack at that little snowball on the tip of his hat:

Whack away, Jack–the official holiday photo has been chosen.

To me, Jack looks gorgeous. And OLD. Brett looks like his mellow self, with annual winter beard in full bloom. Me? I look like I’m trying to hide the double chin that has emerged from eating too much "baby food."

Ah, well. The last two years we had pictures taken at the mall. So I’m proud of this picture–no paper backdrop featuring flat trees and fake snow. (Just a fake tree, inherited from Brett’s parents.) This is us, right now. At home, excited for all the fun the season is bringing our way. (No, really, Brett IS excited.) I think it’ll make for a nice memory.

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