ALERT: Jackspeak

Jack slips on his backpack for the following conversation . . .

Jack: "I’m going to Texas."

Me: "Why are you going to Texas?"

"I need some hairspray, and some pipe cleaners. Green and red. Like my cape is red. I have to go by myself. But you can come with me. You can come with me, mom."


"But we have to walk. We have to walk to Texas."

"That’s a long, long way, but okay."

"C’mon, I’m late!"

"Late for what?"

"Late for Texas! And then it’ll be dark and we’ll have to make a tent. And we’ll have to make some fuzzy blankees."

"Sounds cozy, Jacky. Let’s go."

1 thought on “ALERT: Jackspeak”

  1. I thought Jack was coming to my house tomorrow! Gee, we are sure gonna miss him. I hope he has a good time in Texas. Maybe he can bring home a pet armadillo.


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