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Ah, yes, I know it now–this is the year. The year of Christmas crafting with my son. I’m elated. I’m so glad he’s into it! Jack’s first Christmas-decorating experience was spent in a sling, snuggled into my chest as I hung ornaments and tinsel. The second year was much the same. The third year was spent placing decorations up high, high, high and saying, "No, no, no!" when little hands wanted to pull and prod and touch and taste. But this year, he’s got it.

It’s all for DECORATION.

DECORATION. A magic word that loosens little hands from break-easy ornaments and untangles nimble fingers from the loopy yarn beards of assorted Santas. DECORATION. (I wonder if I can convince Jack that lotion and toothpaste and grape juice are for DECORATION, too…)

On to making our own decorations for the holidays. After teaching Jack about safely using 1 1/2-inch hole punches, we made a simple garland from card stock and Christmas cards saved from many years past.



I’m going gaga with garland this year. Plans for a good ‘ol popcorn garland with red wooden beads are in the works. I know how it’ll go–one piece of popcorn for Jack, one for me, and one for the garland. All part of the fun.

Holy moly. Just looked outside, just now. Wasn’t expecting this:



Is winter officially here? After my stern talk with Old Man Winter, I’m actually hoping so.

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