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A long (almost) winter’s break

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Our holiday was as low-key as it gets. Brett and Jack spent the morning doing things that take the time that can be hard to find, like this:


By the way, we’re proud of our Jack–he is now wearing his undies on a regular basis. I’m shooting for pants and shirts around the house by the time he’s four.

We spent the afternoon at Brett’s younger brother’s house for a wonderful meal and great company with the Cardon clan. I am so thankful for my second family. Open arms, always.

Still, by the end of the day, I was so missing the Wilding clan. My side of the family. Still do.

Oh, and the Cowboys won the football game. That always makes for an especially pleasant Thanksgiving evening around here. Brett says he’s not a football fan, he’s a Cowboys fan. It’s true and I’m lucky (only one game on the TV a week). Thirteen years ago my husband took the time to explain the rules of football to me in a way that I could finally understand–with pennies and dimes and quarters on the carpet. Since then I always watch at least part of a game. I feel quite accomplished when I figure out what the heck happened during a play all on my own.

On Friday, I invoked a new day-after-Thanksgiving tradition. Jack and I spent the better part of the day doing this:

Christmas_dec_1 Christmas_dec_2 Christmas_dec_3
Christmas_dec_4 Christmas_dec_5

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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