ALERT: Jackdo

First–a winner from this post has been chosen! Thanks to Amy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for getting the Spidey-undies question right. A copy of The Little Box of Baby Quilts is on its way to you.

Now on to the "do" of the day . . .

When Brett and I moved to the Seattle area several years ago–kind of on a dare, to see if we could stick together in the throes of the real world (meaning not Utah)–we bought a house. And along with the house, we bought a refrigerator. A pristine white refrigerator. We loved our shiny-new refrigerator so much that we decided we would keep the front of it completely clean. No magnets, no papers, no photos, no grocery lists. Sparkling, spotless. Tidy-white only. We kept it that way for many years, even after our move back to Utah with said fridge.

Fast-forward a few years to a three-year-old and a book full of Star Wars stickers, given to Jack by his lovely Aunt Laurie.

Stickers_1 Stickers_2 Stickers_3


A pristine white fridge. What were we thinking? How dull, how hum-drum we were in our pre-kid days.

Still kinda wish I had a "before" picture, though.

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