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Name that quilt!

After starting with this, and then going on to this and that, I finally ended up with this:


What a relief to finally have this quilt completed! I showed it to one of the editors of this lovely magazine at Quilt Market, before it was bound. I had thought to bind it in the stripe but asked for her advice. She said, "You could go with any of these colors; why don’t you just use what you have left?" I had a lot of cheery blue polka-dot fabric left. I really like how it turned out.

I believe every quilt deserves a name. Hmmm. Well, this one is "fuzzy wuzzy" for sure. But I named a quilt "Fuzzy Wuzzy Hearts" in The Little Box of Baby Quilts. And I named this project "Fuzzy Wuzzy Scarf." And I think I even named this quilt "Fuzzy Wuzzy" something or other.


I just looked up "fuzzy" on my favorite thesaurus site and found these words: downy, flossy, frizzy, furry, hairy, linty, and wooly. Okay. Perhaps we’ll name it "The Frizzy, Furry, Hairy, Linty Quilt." Perhaps not.

I do believe this quilt will be published in the next issue of Quilt It for Kids, an annual publication put out by Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. Just peachy! But that means I really do need a decent name.

Any suggestions? Anyone?

3 thoughts on “Name that quilt!”

  1. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately most of my ideas would probably not be appropriate for a Kid Quilts mag! I’ve been taking the drunkards path-like block and coming up with all kinds of goodies like Fuzzy Gets Drunk…ah, no.
    Or since you started out thinking these fabrics are candy-like (and they are!), I came up with “Candy in my Pocket” (since candy gets all fuzzy when it’s in a kid’s pocket).
    Ok, seriously-how about “Yikes, Stripes!”?
    LOVE the quilt!


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