ALERT: Jackspeak

Jack: "Stam stam stam. Mommy, I said stam."

Me: "I heard you, I’m just not sure what that means."

"Stam means you see your feet and wiggle your feet. You see your hands and wiggle your hands. You see your head and wiggle your head. You see your socks and wiggle your socks. You see your back and wiggle your back. You see your shoes and wiggle your shoes. And then you wiggle your whole body. Wiggling is exercise, like running and jumping and running and hopping."

"And stamming?"


1 thought on “ALERT: Jackspeak”

  1. …then you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around…that’s what it all about!
    ….stam in the place that you where you live.. now face north…think about direction…wonder why you haven’t before..now stam in the place where you work…
    So darlin’, darlin’, stam by me, oh stam by me…Oh, stam, Stam by me, stam by me.
    How could you not know this word? 😉


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