I can’t believe I made that!

I recently saw a quilt I made six years ago. I remember who I made it for and why I made it, but I had no recall of what the quilt actually looked like. It looks like this:


Oh my HECK. The points, look at all the POINTS. These days I would never choose to make a quilt with that many points. Never. It’s just too haaaard. (I just plead you heed the quilter’s sacred rule: don’t look too closely.)

I made this quilt as a birthday gift for my sister, and called it "Florida Blues." She was in Florida with my oldest sister, researching our mother’s family history, when I constructed it. The block patterns came from a book called Scrappy Duos, which shows you how to make two scrappy blocks at a time.

The book reminds me of one of my favorite pastimes . . . taking the "s" out of "scrap" and "scrappy" in quilt-book titles. You gotta try this. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Quick Quilts from Your Scrap Bags
Memorable Scrap Quilts
Scrap Frenzy
Scrap Quilt Celebration
Sensational Scrap Quilts
The Ultimate Scrap Quilt

And my personal favorite:

Scrap Happy

Aw, geez. So juvenile. So silly, so immature. I know. I live with two boys. Three if you count the cat. I beg someone, anyone, slap a flowery hat on me and take me to a fancy afternoon tea. Dress me up for the opera. Meet me for an evening at the symphony. I so desperately need to be re-refined.

1 thought on “I can’t believe I made that!”

  1. A double dose of Willa this week might help you some. I’ll make sure to dress her as girly as I can so that it may rub off on you. She’s a little young for tea parties, but she likes pretty things and talking.


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