Lucky thirteen

Seven lucky tests.

One lucky blooming belly. (Yes, starting now you can actually rub it for good luck.)

Two lucky weeks with little or no nausea.

Three lucky shopping trips for maternity clothes. And pool-cover-sized undies.

Thirteen lucky weeks of growing a baby. So far, so good.

Stick with me, little one. You’ve got a big brother and a daddy and a mommy and a mountain of family waiting to throw you a big bash of a birthday party when you arrive. You won’t want to miss it.

3 thoughts on “Lucky thirteen”

    April seems too long to wait, but hang in there, it’ll come sooner than you’ll know.
    I’ll be your favorite Aunt Melainie until you meet Uncle Bill…. : ( Willa can’t wait to be able to play with you too. She loves Jack already.
    Stay safe….. lots of love from the Garcias.


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