“BOO-YAH!” is back!

I’ve been battling a cold for days . . . but I did manage to put the finishing touches on the "BOO-YAH!" purse I started a while back:


Me likey.

Let’s see, where shall I take this girl for her public debut? Hmm… The grocery store? The library? The duck pond? The quilt shop? Those are the only four places I visit these days. Let’s break it down, shall we?

THE GROCERY STORE: Jack and I head to the grocery store on a weekly basis. The race begins when I sit him in the cart (with a promise of a treat at home if he stays put). We’ve established a nice routine–as long as I have Dum Dums in my purse and I promise to push the cart at a horribly unsafe rate of speed whenever Jack spots an empty aisle, we have a pleasant time. But I can hardly hold my new purse "just so" while barreling down the cereal aisle. So, NO.

THE LIBRARY: A little purse is just not practical here. I need a bag that will hold the equivalent of five Merriam-Websters so I can pack in the 18 books that Jack chooses to take home. We read 17 books once. We read one book 759 times in two weeks. Then we do it all over again. So, NO.

THE DUCK POND: A bag of stale bread won’t fit in my funky little purse. Sigh. NO.

THE QUILT SHOP: Ah, this just might work. All I need are keys and a debit card to visit the quilt shop. Those items will fit perfectly. I may even get a "BOO-YAH!" from a staffer or a fellow customer. Bonus. YES! The quilt shop it is.

Thanks for helping me walk through this important decision in my mind. I was really scraping around for an excuse to hit the quilt shop this week.


1 thought on ““BOO-YAH!” is back!”

  1. I LOVE IT!!! Did you cut up the pieces, felt them, and then sew them all together? Or did you felt the garment first, and then cut and sew? Great stuff at the DI these days as we’re getting into cooler weather.


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