ALERT: Jackspeak (or, more lessons in profanity)

[Jack’s frustration mounts while trying to remove Spiderman stickers from the fridge]


Jack: "Dammit!"

Me: "What did you say?"


"You know that word isn’t for little boys. I’m calling it a bad word. What do you say instead?"

"Daddy says it."

"Daddy is a grown up. When you get older, you can choose to say it. But you are younger, so for you it’s a bad word. What do you say instead?"

"Dang it."

"Yes, dang it. That’s okay for you to say, but not the other word."

"Yes. Not dammit."

[Ten minutes later, while I’m washing the dishes.]

Jack:  "Mommy, tell me a story about Spiderman."

Me: "I need to finish the dishes, okay? So not now, maybe later."

"NO! That is a BAD WORD for you. You can’t use it until you are younger!"

"What bad word did I say?"

"Not now, maybe later."

3 thoughts on “ALERT: Jackspeak (or, more lessons in profanity)”

  1. That was hysterical!
    Jenny, I hope you have learned your lesson, no more bad words. I’ll have to remember that “Not now, maybe later.” is equal to swearing in 3 yr old parlance.
    It was also a very intelligent comment from Jack, letting you know what was important to him.


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