Fuzzy wuzzy was a . . . scarf

A few weeks ago I hit the fuzzy-fabric jackpot, amassing half-yards of Shannon Fabrics‘ "Rose Cuddle" plush fabrics in 24 different colors. I’ve been on a fluffy, feathery, furry fabric cloud of creative contentment ever since.

I’d been thinking about making the scarf design below out of a secondhand sweater–and I still will!–but I was so keyed up about my new stash that I had to try the design with the fluffy stuff first.

Now that the scarf is done, the big trick comes–how to show it in a photo? I’m no photo stylist. I’m barely a photo taker. (This part of blogging always stumps me.) So, I tried several ideas and set-up shots, such as:

Fuzzy-wuzzy scarf, meet fuzzy-wuzzy teddy bear.

Fuzzy-wuzzy scarf, meet one square patch of hardwood floor that is actually clean.

Fuzzy-wuzzy scarf, meet 85-degree weather at 9 p.m.

Cropped out of the above photo are telltale signs of summer’s sizzle–namely my shorts and bare feet. I’m also sweating like . . . well, you know. Like a nut who wants to show off what she thinks is a nifty scarf, no matter how much she’s drenching it. I wish I’d worn pants to match. Phooey. Photo-stylist powers, come to me, please!

I’ve donned the scarf twice today just because it’s so soft and nice. I feel happy when I wear it. But I enjoyed its cozy warmth directly under the swamp cooler. One more month. One more month until autumn begins toasting the leaves on our backyard trees. I hope by then I’ll be a little more apt with a camera. Nature, I’m sure, will bring lots of opportunities for practice.

3 thoughts on “Fuzzy wuzzy was a . . . scarf”

  1. Great scarf!! So how’d you make the scarf? Sew parallalograms together and then bind off? For even more fun, try wearing the scarf in the same conditions while having a hot flash!


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