Baby-quilt tour begins

Quilts from The Little Box of Baby Quilts have flown the coop–they’re on their way to the following quilt shops on their first-ever tour!

JULY 2007
Sally’s Fabrics, Mesa, Arizona
Sew Smart, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Byrne Sewing Connection, New Britain, Pennsylvania

The Patch Works, Lafayette, Colorado
Sally’s Fabrics, Mesa, Arizona
Quiltin’ Tia Quiltworks, Weatherford, Texas

Quilter’s Junction, Centralia, Washington
CJ’s Quilt Shop, West Lafayette, Indiana
The Patchwork House, Clovis, New Mexico

Windy Moon Quilts, Reno, Nevada
Crystal’s Log Cabin Quilts, Grand Marais, Minnesota

Granny’s Sewing Den, Glenside, Pennsylvania

After the quilts return home, they are headed to Canada and Scotland. SO. COOL. How much would it cost to pack myself in the box, I wonder?

In preparation for shipping quilts from The Little Box of Baby Quilts on their trunk shows, I had to sew and applique a dozen hanging sleeves on their backsides. In less than 48 hours.


While sewing the second-to-the-last sleeve, I stopped to rethread a needle. After three solid minutes of trying to guide what I thought was pesky thread through the eye, I realized I was trying to thread the pointy end of the needle.

SON OF A . . . !!!

If there is ever a next time, I will give myself MORE time.

It’s done now. The quilts are off on their adventure. When they return home (and if they could talk), they will brag about being much more well-traveled than me. And they would be right.

Have fun, girls. And behave.

1 thought on “Baby-quilt tour begins”

  1. Hey, If you pack yourself in a box, I wanna go too. It’ll be a long trip, you’ll want company.
    The hubbies can care for the kids.
    Count me in.


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