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Faster than a speeding bullet

After a few setbacks and the ten-times daily question "Is it done yet?" from my son, Jack’s superhero cape is done! I’m kinda smitten with it.

Following Jack’s euphoria at finally, FINALLY having his cape all to himself–shown through lots of lively hopping and screaming–I helped him tie it on. He flew around the living room for a few minutes. Then he pulled the bow to untie the cape in the front, let it drop to the floor, and asked, "Mom, where’s my other cape?"

"It’s on the floor in the kitchen."

Off he went to retrieve it. The hot-pink batik sarong cape. The sarong I wore as a cover-up during our honeymoon in Jamaica. Sigh.

I picked up the cape I had made and neatly draped it over the stair rail in the living room. I think Jack likes the cape I made. It just doesn’t move and sway and flounce and fly behind him like his hot-pink cape. A superhero needs to feel comfortable. I mean, how is Jack going to sing "I’m going to save the day!" and mean it if he is hindered by the bulk of a cape that was made by someone who knows next to nothing about a superhero’s true needs?

Anyway, that’s what I told myself on Sunday. On Monday, Jack brought the cape to me and put it in my lap. He had changed his mind. He tried out his new wings . . .

. . . on the grass . . .

. . . on the steps . . .

. . . on the sidewalk . . .

. . . on his tricycle . . .

. . . and with his fancy new superhero belt.

I am thrilled. I am relieved.

Now I think I’m up for making Jack an ultra-cool superhero belt, with loops for hanging superhero gadgets. Like screwdrivers and wrenches and flashlights. Superheroes need those in a pinch, don’t they?

Halloween, here we come!

5 thoughts on “Faster than a speeding bullet”

  1. What a cool cape! There’s nothing Jack can’t do wearing that. With a handy toolbelt, he’ll be unstoppable!


  2. Jenny I tried to post a comment to u before Now Mel is showing me how. However I forgot what I wanted to say darn


  3. With his lead flying arm directing his flight-path, he has entered the realm of fond childhood memories. Make sure you save this supernatural cape in a box with his prized posessions from his early childhood. You’ll both get a kick out of it at some milestone birthday in the future.


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