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My brush with quilting greatness

I’m finally starting to concoct a recipe using the yummy fabrics I introduced here. I knew exactly what kind of design I wanted to try but I came up against a seemingly impossible technical poser–rotary cutting through my hand-applique stitches. I’m here to tell you, it CAN be done! But not without the help of an applique mastermind, I’m afraid.

Unfinished fuzzy block (still in quarters).

Looks pretty simple. Cut a background square. Cut a circle. Applique. Rotary cut into quarters. But without the help of the All-Seeing, All-Knowing-About-Applique genius, MIMI DIETRICH, my stitches would have unraveled after one wash and left me with a floppy, fuzzy mess.

I’ve met Mimi briefly on several occasions at various Quilt Markets over the years. Aside from being an All-Seeing, All-Knowing-About-Applique genius, she is funny, friendly, and completely approachable. So when I heard a deadening THUD! in my head after finding that my simple idea had a major flaw, I emailed Mimi. She replied with an oh-so-simple solution. A solution that I doubt would have ever, never ever, crossed my mind. Didn’t see forest. Only saw trees.

Now, instead of hearing the THUD! in my head, I hear this: DUH.

Recently I had an unexpected request to submit a new design to a popular quilt magazine. Goody goody gumdrops! I’m hoping the editor might like this design, now that its wheels are lifting off the ground. Seeing forest AND trees.

So, what is the applique trick that Mimi dreamed up to rescue this quilt, anyway?

If the finished design happens to get published, I will reveal all. (Or, you can just comment and ask me, and I’ll tell ya.) And I will use the teeny-tiny paragraph that magazines include about the designer to thank Mimi for kicking my quilting butt.

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