Finally, a few quilt photos!

It took some time for me to figure out copyright restrictions, but I have
now posted photos of five of the 20 quilts from The Little Box of Baby
in a new photo gallery.

These are fantastic flat shots taken by veteran quilt-picture-taker and
all-around nice and funny guy Brent Kane. He’s the house photographer at
Martingale & Company. (He also directed the “little box” video.) If you
own other Martingale books, you know Brent is the best. He really knows how to
get those girls to make saa-weet love to the camera. SO HOT.

How DO you do it, Brent? I’ve taken a gazillion photos of my other quilts but
I can’t bring myself to post any of them because the photos SUCK. I recently took a photo of one of my framed quilts. It looked like it was actually bending around the wall. I mean, how did that happen? It’s in a wooden frame!

Once again in my life, I’m considering professional help. Sigh.

1 thought on “Finally, a few quilt photos!”

  1. those are so cute–one of my faves is the buttermint inspired one. evil frogs-who would have thought?
    still laughing about you pissing jack off…


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