Test. Test. Ahem…

My first, firstest blog ever. WHY-oh-why I am doing this to myself? Because things are happening in my life that are making me giggle.

One. My first collection of quilt designs was published in March. The Little Box of Baby Quilts. Pee-my-pants exciting. Since I don’t have anything else up here yet about it, you can check it out at Amazon here.

Two. I just picked up the new issue of Quilter’s Home Magazine. I’m in it. It’s a teeny mention, with just a few interview questions, but I love that magazine so it’s fan-frickin’-tastic.

Three. A quilt of mine will be featured in an upcoming issue of McCall’s Quilting. As we Utahns say, OH. MY. HECK.

Narcissistic. Egotistical. Self-important. Maybe, today. I’m starting a blog, so, what the heck . . . I’m going to have a moment.

Off to work on the other itty-bittys to try and make things interesting here. If you came and saw, please come back and see.


2 thoughts on “Test. Test. Ahem…”

  1. I am so proud of you! You are the love of my life, every day you amaze me with your talents. Jack and I are so lucky to have you.
    All my love,


  2. Congratuations on your success in the quilting world!
    I bought your book, saw you in Quilter’s Home, and now I can’t wait to see what you have designed for McCall’s Quilting Magazine!


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